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Very early release of code

So this will be short, I’m going to put the source code online together with an example of how to use instancePc.This is by no means finished and by all means still a work in progress, but hopefully you can learn something from it. So I apologize if it breaks. At the moment I’ve only been compiling for Ubuntu 9.04 so I have no idea if this even works on windows. I will continue to create more step by step posts and examples when I have a bit of time.

from example file: lots of leaves with instancePc

Here is the source code with an example file:


VRAYprocedural – getting started 2 – compiling

Compiling a VRAYprocedural example

Compiling a SOP

After you have copied the samples folder from $HFS/toolkit/samples it is time to try and compile one of the examples. It is a little bit easier to compile a normal sop rather than a VRAYprocedural, so let’s do that first. The SOP_Star.C is easy to test.

cd $HOME/dev/houdini11.0/samples/SOP
hcustom SOP_Star.C

This will create in $HOME/houdini11.0/dso which is the default where hcustom will put plugins for most nodes. VRAYprocedurals are not loaded by houdini, but are loaded by mantra. They should be put in:
If all went well, you should be able to start up a new houdini and inside of a geometry node, lay down a star sop. A change to a plugin requires you to restart houdini. However changing a VRAYprocedural does not require you to restart houdini as it is loaded by mantra and mantra is only called when you launch a render.

How does it all link together?

VRAYprocedural flowchart

A flowchart of the VRAYprocedural connections

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